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2016-06-23 CPDA-02 Performance Uplift

The floating-point math package in the Ambilogique PLCs was already fast, but a major update has made it even faster.  As a result of this, the CPDA-02 is now upgraded from a 400 function block capacity to 800 !  This is over 3 times the capacity of the original CPDA-01, which it supersedes.

2016-03-02 New AmbiL_PLC.exe Support Software Revision 3.40

AmbiL_PLC 3.40 is now available from this website.  This incorporates the K-Factor Editor (see below), together with improvements to the processor library support.

AmbiL_PLC is designed to run on Microsoft Widows® computers and has also been demonstrated to run successfully on:-

2016-02-21 New K-Factor Facility on CPDA-02

The new CPDA-02 introduces K-Factors, a new method of inserting constants into control diagrams.

The original method, based on supplying a numeric label on an incoming cross-reference, continues to be available.  This method has the disadvantage that a change to a constant requires the re-compilation and upload of the entire control diagram: a process which takes several seconds.

The new K-Factors live in a separate block of flash memory: each K-Factor has a specific address which you determine.  The description, minimum, maximum and starting values are written into a plain-text script file which you can edit using any plain-text editor.

AmbiL_PLC, the support software, now incorporates a dedicated editor for K-Factors which is enabled for those processors which support K-Factors.  Please refer to the AmbiL_PLC data sheet for details.

Changing a K-Factor is now a simple change to a value in the K-Factors Editor, and the upload to the PLC only takes a fraction of a second.

2016-02-20 New Processor Module CPDA-02

The new CPDA-02 is a plug-in replacement for the original CPDA-01 Processor Module which formed the backbone of the SKDA-01 PLC Starter Kits.  These Starter Kits are now designated SKDA-02.

The CPDA-02 supports larger control diagrams (400 function blocks compared with 225 in the CPDA-01) whilst running at the same scan rate, and provides an additional method of introducing constants into a control diagram.

The CPDA-02 is the same price as the CPDA-01, so the CPDA-01 is discontinued and will no longer be available.

2015-10-01 AmbiLogique Supplies ECUs to Auroa Helicopters Ltd.

AmbiLogique has been working with Auroa Helicopters Ltd (Taranaki, New Zealand) to develop Engine Management Units (EMU) and Airframe Monitoring Units (AMU) for the Auroa 2-seat turbine-powered helicopter.  The first machine has now been delivered, and the second is currently undergoing flight trials.

The EMU is a custom controller incorporating the AmbiLogique PLC core, and it runs a standard AmbiLogique control diagram.  Two identical controllers operate in primary/standby mode to provide redundancy.

The AMU is a custom controller based on ARM Cortex-M3 technology: in addition to its monitoring functions it provides a 140-hour Flight Data Recorder function.

AmbiLogique has designed and supplied a complete suite of LabVIEW software to provide field and factory support for these helicopter products.

2016-09-09 AmbiLogique Backplanes with Bus Connectors

AmbiLogique backplane communications between modules is carried out at RS-485 levels, using the ARTPC protocol at 115,200 baud.  This means that expansion modules and other peripherals can be located 100 metres or more away from the backplane, and connected via a suitable cable.  A large number of marine steering systems are in service which use this AmbiLogique distributed PLC system to connect electronic steering wheels and pump control panels to the hydraulic power packs.  These networks operate reliably over several tens of metres in electrically hostile conditions.

In the past, it was necessary to fit a BPEX-02M interface module into the last slot on the master backplane in order to make these remote connections.

BP-02X is a modified backplane with a plug-in screw terminal block, and RF and surge suppression components built in.  Expansion cables can be directly connected to these backplanes, reducing costs and eliminating the BPEX modules and their backplane connectors.


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